Defined a Digital Strategy that Delivers on the Brand Promise

A cohesive digital ecosystem with digital touch points that work together enables a brand to do more with less and realize stronger return on digital investment.

Digital has grown organically for most organizations in the past, resulting in fragmented brand experiences. The fragmentation was exacerbated with the introduction of social and mobile into the customer engagement mix. Customers experience the brand online through multiple, inconsistent web, social, mobile and email touchpoints. This fragmented experience deters from the brand. More importantly, it creates significant friction for customers in their purchase journey and in their ability to self-serve.

Rosalina worked with a leading hospital brand to define its digital ecosystem and digital experience, in order to deliver on its brand promise. The scope included web, mobile, email and social.


Rosalina started with stakeholder interviews to understand the business needs across the organization. Subsequently, she conducted a digital audit to understand the brand's current digital presence. The exercise revealed a fragmented, organization-centric digital presence and an analog model of communication. Complementing that, the primary target audience (current and prospective patients) were also interviewed to understand their needs. The patient insights further demonstrated the disparity between what the target audience needs and what the existing brand digital experience offered.

Also revealed by the insights phase of the project, this teaching hospital with research, education and hospital arms, has great opportunities in leveraging digital and data to facilitate innovation, communication, patient care, and staff productivity.


The strategy outlined the approach to consolidate redundant digital properties and defined the purpose and experience of each of the digital property in the new digital ecosystem, and provided the governance framework for successful implementation and operations (e.g. digital playbook, processes) of an integrated online brand experience.

Services Provided

  • Digital Experience and Analytics Audit
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Customer Insights
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Digital Strategy and Roadmap
  • Governance Advisory

Relevant Sectors

  • Teaching Hospital
  • Healthcare