Increased Online Donation by 650% for a Hospital Foundation

The fundraising environment is increasingly competitive and mass donors are increasingly moving online. To be effective, fundraisers need to have a strong digital presence to support the donor journey and to increase donor loyalty to the organization over the long run. See how digital increased online donation volume by 650% for a leading hospital foundation.


At the time of engagement, the organization was challenged with competing priorities and a lack of alignment on how to leverage digital to meet the needs of various business units. The misalignment resulted in a fragmented digital ecosystem where the organization had numerous disjointed corporate, product and campaign sites and an overage of social media accounts/handles. This also resulted in low return for the organization’s digital investment. Thus, the project began with a comprehensive audit of these assets and their performance.

The audit consisted of a series of insight activities to better understand the business needs, the digital current state and the digital usage and behaviour of their target audience. This included stakeholder interviews, a digital audit, a landscape scan, as well as a digital audience segmentation analysis.

A key objective of the insight phase is to align the Foundation's cross-functional stakeholders. The various stakeholders had very different perspectives and priorities, before the creation of the digital strategy and roadmap. Using empirical data (e.g. performance of its digital properties drawn from analytics) and walking stakeholders through the digital experience with the lens of its target audience, the project successfully aligned the Foundation stakeholders to recognize the need for a unified donor experience and what the donor journey online should look like.

Once stakeholders acquired the context from the outputs of the above steps, we conducted an Envision Workshop with the Foundation stakeholders to define the future state of its digital ecosystem by looking at things through the lens of key donor segments.

The Envision Workshop was a breakthrough step in the Foundation’s digital journey. The exercise helped stakeholders gain consensus on the order of audience priority for the website – something the Foundation stakeholders have been struggling with for a long time. With alignment on audience priority, the team was able to effectively develop the business requirements and design the digital customer experience.

drive online conversionA Donor-Centric, Transaction-Focused Strategy

As a result, Rosalina worked with Foundation stakeholders to create a donor-centric, transaction-focused digital strategy. The strategy articulated the roles and relationship of the Foundation's various digital properties (e.g. website, product sites, Facebook page, Twitter feed and blog) and outlined how they can complement and support one another in the digital ecosystem, while doing more with less digital properties and ongoing effort.

The strategy deliverable also offered recommendations on governance structure, processes and policies to add to the project list in order to sustain the crafted digital strategy.

Bringing the Customer Experience to Life

In the strategy, the Foundation website was identified as the hub of the digital ecosystem and one with the greatest gap between current and vision state. For that reason, the project team moved into defining the business requirements for the website following the board of directors’ acceptance of the digital strategy, roadmap, and proposed budget.

Within 30 days of launching the Foundation website, online donation volume increased by 650%.

Services Provided

  • Digital Audit
  • Landscape Scan
  • Digital Strategy and Roadmap
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Process Design
  • Governance Recommendations

Relevant Sectors

  • Hospital Foundation
  • Fundraising
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Charity