Transforming a Student Brand into a Data Organization

Transform a student brand into a data organization.

With an influx of discount offerings available to students and decreased cost for brands to directly engage with students, a leading student discount program's role in the value chain was weakening. See how digital solved the problem.


To inform the strategy, a comparative landscape scan was conducted with student and retailers within the coalition. The research uncovered that the brand was perceived as antiquated, particularly by its current and prospective retail partners.  This created reluctance for retail brands targeting youth to be associated with the brand. Additionally, retailers and advertisers were data hungry and have a strong need to demonstrate return on investment for each marketing program spend. With students, the research also uncovered some interesting insights, including their interest in getting more deals, in gamification, and their willingness to share their data and network as long as there was reciprocity.


Anchored on the insights, Rosalina took the brand through the journey of reimagining its offerings. The end strategy flipped the brand's business model on its head. It transformed the organization to a loyalty brand where the students (their data) became the product, and retailers and advertisers became the primary customer.

The plastic discount card was also to be replaced by a mobile card where the brand will be able to collect student transaction, preferences, and behavioural data through an engaging loyalty program. This will then provide value-add insights to retailers and advertisers, as well as, allow them to target students with the right message, at the right time and place.

Retail and student stakeholders were further consulted of the new brand offering concept and it was well-received. The organization continues its digital transformation journey today.

Services Provided

  • Digital and Social Audit
  • Customer Insights
  • Digital Strategy and Roadmap
  • Digital Transformation

Relevant Sectors

  • Loyalty Program
  • Student Discount