HoodQ Channel Strategy

HoodQ is an innovative, real estate tech startup in Canada, exploring new channels for product distribution. Through an outside-in, collaborative approach, Tengja guided HoodQ stakeholders to arrive at a strategy on how to approach the B2C channel.


Technology has disrupted many industries and empowered people in a variety of ways. HoodQ is an innovative real estate tech solution that empowers the real estate market by offering turnkey neighbourhood information through a curation of proprietary and public data.

With its unique offering, HoodQ experienced early day success with the real estate industry. Several key industry players across North America licensed HoodQ to make value-add neighborhood content available to their customers – from real estate associations through to brokerages and banks.



As a next phase of growth, HoodQ wanted to explore entering the B2C space, making neighborhood information accessible to home buyers. There were a variety of opinions on how to approach the B2C market across HoodQ stakeholders.

To build consensus, HoodQ commissioned Tengja Digital to research and develop its B2C Channel Strategy. As a first step, Tengja Digital researched customer insights, digital trends and competitive intelligence. Armed with a keen understanding of the customer needs and competitive landscape, Tengja Digital facilitated workshops through an outside-in approach with HoodQ stakeholders, where customer insights, digital trends, and competitive intelligence guided the strategy formulation.



As a result, Tengja Digital was able to effectively create a B2C Channel Strategy and Roadmap with buy-in from HoodQ stakeholders. The collaborative approach provided HoodQ with a clear roadmap on how to approach the B2C market.


Learn more about this exciting real estate tech startup: www.hoodq.com.