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A Digital Strategy & Experience Design Consultancy.

Our mission is to guide brands to identify, validate and monetize new digital opportunities through our customer-centric, data-driven methodology.

Over 25 years of digital strategy and execution excellence

Tengja means “connect” in Icelandic. The name reflects our belief that digital is a powerful connector, connecting brands and their customers, connecting communities of like-minded people, and connecting brands together to provide integrated, value-add to customers. 

With the digital economy, brands have limitless opportunities to offer new value to their customers and we are here to guide you to identify, validate, and monetize those opportunities.

With our proven methodology, we help clients identify opportunities by understanding your customers’ unmet needs, uncovering organizational assets that can be monetized in the digital economy, and applying the right digital business model.

With 25 years of strategic and execution experience, our team guides brands through the innovation lifecycle end-to-end.

Case Studies

Digital Strategy and Website Redesign – Read full case study

The charity lottery category has been facing steady sales decline. Working with Tengja, Heart & Stroke Lottery improved on-site conversion by 33% and exceeded their net profit target by 35%. 

Digital Strategy – Read full case study

Tengja worked with Sovereign Insurance stakeholders to envision the future customer journey and formulated the organization’s digital customer experience strategy. The approach aligned stakeholders and elevated their customer-centric mindset.

Digital Audit & Governance – Read full case study

Merlin Entertainments was experiencing digital performance stagnation and poor return on digital investment. Tengja conducted an objective audit and recommended clear steps to improve their return on digital investment.

Website Design – Read full case study

The Anchor Risk Solutions website effectively built trust, credibility and achieved speed-to-market, within the timelines of its brand launch.

Digital Channel Strategy – Read full case study

As the next phase of growth, HoodQ wanted to explore new channels for product distribution. Through an outside-in, collaborative approach, Tengja guided HoodQ stakeholders to effectively arrive at a B2C channel strategy. 

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