Case Studies: Digital Strategy and Website Redesign

Heart & Stroke Lottery Site Redesign

Upon the launch of the new site designed by Tengja Digital, Heart & Stroke Lottery unprecedentedly sold out its classic lottery tickets half way into the 6‑month campaign. It also exceeded its net profit target by 35%.


Charity lottery, as a category, has been facing steady decline due to increased competition and shrinking buyer interest. Heart & Stroke Lottery was no exception. Heart & Stroke engaged Tengja Digital to conduct a digital strategy exercise, followed by a site redesign project, to improve site conversion and return on digital investment.

Insight & Strategy

During the digital strategy initiative, three key insights were uncovered. First, there was a disconnect between digital audience behaviour and how Heart & Stroke leveraged the digital channel. Web analytics showed that the digital audience wanted to use digital to purchase lottery tickets while Heart & Stroke focused on using the channel to communicate prizes and donor impact. Secondly, customers preferred to self-serve through the website but encountered many roadblocks. Finally, Heart & Stroke Lottery only invested in digital activities during six months of the year while the lottery was in-market. Given that digital is a cumulative channel, investment in building visibility in the digital ecosystem gets cancelled out during the off-market period.

The key recommendations were to refresh Heart & Stroke Lottery digital touch points to focus on transactions during the in-market period, followed by a focus on building its audience for future lottery seasons during the off-market period. Another recommendation was to empower self-serve through this lower-cost channel (vs. call centre). Tengja Digital guided Heart & Stroke through a seamless website redesign project that was transaction-focused, mobile responsive, and empowered self-service. 

With the measure-twice-and-cut-once philosophy, Tengja also engaged the target audience in usability testing before launching the new Heart & Stroke Lottery website. By implementing against the usability test findings, Tengja ensured the site would provide a  frictionless self-service experience and maximize conversion.


The impact of the recommendations was exceptional. The transaction focused website led to a 33% increase in on-site conversion. With the launch of the new website, Heart & Stroke Lottery unprecedentedly sold out its classic lottery tickets half way into the six-month campaign and  exceeded its net profit target by 35%.

See the site in action.

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